The Long Silence

You know, whenever I write these campy titles, I always regret it once I start typing the post, because I know it’ll never live up to such a dramatic introduction. Anyway, I just wanted to prepare everyone for the dramatic changes that are going to place around here at Working Author. I’m changing the entire format of this blog and going for a more webzine kind of style. I think it’ll help making the site look updated more often. As such, the logistics are also going to change, especially with how I post to the different categories. So, for all of my RSS readers, you may suffer from an influx of old reviews in your readers. I apologize in advance. These are the pains of transition and I’m sorry that you’ll have to shoulder a small portion of it.

The good news is that Working Author may be a little more exciting after the change. I’ll also be accepting guest bloggers/reviewers, so if you’ve always wanted to contribute, you’ll get your chance. Well, that’s it folks. I’m off to the dungeon to continue renovating. See you again soon.

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