Director Brendan Moriarty.

Director Brendan Moriarty.

Brendan Moriarty is returning behind the camera to deliver is sophomore effort Red Khmer, which will conclude his riveting war drama that began with The Road to Freedom. The two-part film is based on true events revolving around the experiences of Sean Flynn, the son of Hollywood legend Errol Flynn. Sean left Hollywood to make his name as a photojournalist on assignment for TIME Magazine. He and his friend Dana ventured into Cambodia during the Vietnam War and were never heard from again. In 2010, a mass grave was discovered in Cambodia, which was believed to contain the remains of Flynn and Dana.

Red Khmer starts filming on April 1, 2013 in capital city Phnom Penh.

Red Khmer Synopsis: Foreseeing his demise in captivity, the extraordinary adventure continues as Flynn sneaks his journals to his trusted friend, Lim Po (Nhem Sokun) containing the harrowing truth about the Khmer Rouge guerillas. With the evidence in his hands, Po is forced to risk his life and sets out in search of his family and safety. Trying to evade the clutches of the Red Khmer, he is confronted by the Royal Cambodian Army, rescues a young girl and encounters dangerous obstacles on his fight to stay alive and reveal the atrocities of war.

Joining the cast is Massi Furlan (The Dark Knight Rises, Layover) as Samuel, Nhem Sokun as the brave Lim Po, Chanratha Kong as Rathana, Joshua Fredric Smith (Dam999) as Sean Flynn, Scott Maguire (The Conspiracy) as Dana, Nhem Sokunthol as the General and Robert Malone as Lewis. Henry Bronson is the Executive Producer, Patrick Moriarty is Producer, the highly-praised Cinematographer David Mun is returning to lens again and Co-Producing along with Mark Rickard, with Willie Barela Associate Producing.

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  1. Sarah Hill

    I enjoyed the first film Road to Freedom but it was a bit disjointed in places. I hope that when you do the research on Sean Flynn, Dana Stone and the other missing photojournalists that you read the material that Zalin Grant and Tim Page wrote on him rather than what amateur bone hunters like the ones who claimed to find Sean and Dana’s grave. Good luck with Red Khmer.

  2. Frank Karpico

    Looks like it will be a pretty good film based on what I have heard it will be out in 2014. We need more film makers that will make films that bring us to a new place in the world.


  3. Creative333filmworld

    I so enjoyed The Road to Freedom film a must watch for a good indie in Asia!


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