The Ghostbusters Abby (Melissa McCarthy), Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), Erin (Kristen Wiig) and Patty (Leslie Jones) inside the Mercado Hotel Lobby in Columbia Pictures' GHOSTBUSTERS.

Ghostbusters (2016) Review

Not terrible, but no amount of dance choreography is going to lift this reboot to the heights of the original.

4 Movie Scenes That Make Me Cry

Even though we may not have the same personal experiences, we can still feel deep connections, because aspects of the human condition transcend all barriers.

New Terms

I want to get back to a special place as a writer. I want to be fearless again.

In Defense of Writing for Experience

Experience can open a lot of doors for you, and it shouldn’t be discarded out of hand just because it doesn’t offer an immediate monetary gain.

This is Why I Avoid Movie Trailers

People are being trained to form opinions and make decisions on increasingly incomplete information. A two-minute-thirty movie trailer might as well be a feature-length film.